Just like other RP environments, INSILICO staff members are role players themselves.

Feel free to ask staff members for help. They are more than willing to offer you advice on your RP, stories and character development, and can always point you in the right direction at the very least.


InSilico administrators are "behind-the-scenes" staff members that create, maintain, and otherwise coordinate the continued development of InSilico. They enforce all SIM and RP rules under the advisement of the GMs.

An Admin’s decision is final. There is no complaint department higher than the Admin’s.

GMs (Game Managers)

InSilico GMs enforce RP rules for those involved in the RP in INSILICO, and ensure the story remains true to the setting. They also will periodically create open, sim-wide events for players to participate in. Any questions the rules or the settings should be directed to GM. GMs have the ability to ban those that disrupt the RP or the Sim.

Feel free to ask a GM to look at a scene gone bad. Please explain in full your situation and include chatlogs with descriptions of people, locations and so forth. Snapshots are a good tool as well.

Further, do not attack someone if they break the rules. Contact a GM via IM. Likewise, if a GM calls for a halt to the combat/RP, stop. Don't interfere while they are correcting a problem.

Rental Managers

InSilico Rental Managers are in charge of helping people find a suitable rental for their needs, whether it is commercial, private or roleplay oriented.