General Conduct

These rules apply to everyone, roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike.

Failure to familiarize yourself with the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them. Staff will always try to issue warnings first. However, sim-wide bans may be issued for blatant and repeat violations.

InSilico is a matured rate sim. Visitors and Roleplayers may expect to encounter foul language, sexual and/or controversial themes. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, the burden is on you to remove yourself before it becomes an issue.

No child avatars will be permitted in adult themed locations or situations. No age-play!

Keep nudity and sex to its appropriate locations, and out of public areas.

Private rentals & apartments are OFF-LIMITS. Do not enter or manipulate objects in private rentals without the owner’s consent.

Respect people’s privacy; do not cam into private rentals and apartments.

Do not verbally abuse, harass, or personally insult other people.

“Griefing” will be defined broadly and dealt with harshly, including sim-wide bans and reporting to LL for Terms of Service violations.

No push weapons or gadgets, cagers or orbiters.

Keep “shouting” to a minimum.

Don’t spam local chat with emotes and nonsensical chatter.

Excessive use of sound and particle effects is annoying. Don’t do it.

Don’t prim littler: If you rez an object, be sure to take it with you when you are done. Stray objects will be returned to their owners without notice.

Any vehicle rezzed should be in keeping with the theme of the sims, and should be collected when finished using it. Do not run people down, and do not drive vehicles through the Mall and Landing Zone.

Visitors & Non-Roleplayers

Visitors and Non-Roleplayers are NOT required to wear a special tag.

ANYONE may visit InSilico freely, including those character types that aren't otherwise permitted to engage in the RP (please keep in mind that there are special restrictions for child avatars entering adult themed areas).

Non-roleplayers are allowed to rent apartments in InSilico too.

Roleplayers have the "right of way" in InSilico. Do not interfere with people currently engaged in RP. If roleplayers enter an area that you are in, you do NOT need to leave. However, please to not interrupt the scene. Politely move your conversations to IMs if need be.

Excluding the immediate Landing Zone, Mall, and private rentals; all other areas of the sims should be considered active roleplay zones. Be mindful of roleplayers.

Non-InSilico RP is permitted only on a temporary basis (such as using IS as an off-site location). However, any such roleplay must be kept segregated from InSilico's RPers. As stated above, IS Roleplayers will also maintain the right of way. If need be, take your private RP to IMs and do not engage IS RPers.

If you wish to engage in InSilico roleplay, you must adhere to the RP rules and standards.

If you have a conflict with a roleplayer, do not cause a scene or engage in a verbal fight. Contact a GM or Staff member to help resolve the issue.

Only a GM or Staff member may ask a visitor to leave InSilico.

If you wish to ask a roleplayer a question, do so politely through instant messages.

For any other questions, contact a GM or staff member.

Rental Rules

By renting in InSilico, you agree to pay on time and rez no more prims than those allotted in your rental terms. If you wish an extension on your rent, or more prims to be added, please contact a rental manager as soon as possible. Otherwise your items may be returned without notice.

Your rental terms only permit you to rez items within the area(s) you have rented. If you wish to rez items elsewhere, contact a staff member or speak to a rental manager about a custom rental.

Temp Rezzer packages are not permitted.

Please, no security devices that eject or push residents. If you have a problem with intruders, contact a GM or staff member.

Be courteous to your neighbors. Try not to let sound effects and particles bleed through into other rental units or the surrounding environment. If this is an issue, a staff member will try to contact you before returning the offending items.

Refunds will not be issued should a rental be terminated due to a rules violation.

More specific details regarding business, residential and custom rentals can be found here.

Roleplay Rules

The following is a very basic outline of that rules the govern InSilico roleplay. It is no way meant to be considered exhaustive, and more indepth information can be found under the Roleplay section of the wiki.

InSilico is an immersive environment with a heavy preference for realism, and logical, consequential roleplay. The genres are near-future, cyberpunk, space, and social dystopia. Roleplay that contradicts the scope and themes should be avoided. Things like time travel, teleporters, warp drive, alien technology and parallel universes don’t exist.

The InSilico setting is it's own, unique universe. IS does not share its lore, history or back story with any other RP setting in or out of SL. Players wishing to bring pre-existing characters over from other settings must conform them to the lore/standards of InSilico before engaging in RP.

Only Human, human-form, cyborg, android and robotic character types are permitted to engage in InSilico roleplay. This means NO aliens, angels, demons, ghosts, mythological creatures, nekos, anthropomorphic animals, or animal-human hybrids. In fairness to those types not permitted to RP here; we also ask that characters have no permanent horns, wings, paws, hooves, animal ears or tails. Giant robots and “transformers” are also not allowed.

Alternate skin/hair/eye colors, and ear shapes, are permitted as these may be explained through simple augmentation. However, we ask that you avoid anything too animal-like or cartoonish.

We ask that you modify avatars that are easily recognizable from other scifi settings (such as cylons or R2D2) so as not to break the immersion of roleplay in Insilco.

The only exception to the above character rules are “virtual avatars.” These may be as fanciful as you desire. However, use of such avatars is restricted to cyberspace, and you must have another conforming avatar should you choose to RP outside of those areas.

Special powers are not permitted. No psychic abilities, ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, biotics, “the force”, invisibility, unaided flight, super-speed, hulk strength, or any other ability that a human/machine couldn’t realistically accomplish through augmentation.

Character applications are not required in order to roleplay in InSilico. However, some groups/factions may require an application to participate in their roleplay.

Anyone may create a new group or faction. All rules apply the same to groups as they would to players. GMs have no authority over the internal administration of player-created groups.

No group/faction may advertise or solicit members with promises of L$ payments, free items or other non-RP incentives.

Players are permitted to have multiple characters (alts), and you are not required to reveal their identity to anyone else. Avoid “cross-pollinating” information and RP details between characters you control. Also try to avoid placing your alts in situations that might be considered a conflict of interests.

InSilico is a consent-based roleplay community. This means that you are not forced to RP with anyone, and no permanent actions can be forced upon your character without your consent. If you don’t want to RP with someone, don’t engage them. Respect people’s stated limits. The burden is on you to remove yourself from such situations before it becomes a conflict. Contact the other player(s) OOCly to discuss the situation first. If all else fails, contact a GM.

RP in InSilico is also turn-based. This means that a player will RP an action is such a way that the next player will have a choice and the opportunity to respond with their own actions. Declaring an action without giving the other players a choice is not a valid form of RP.

A player cannot unilaterally decide that they took an action against any other character, faction or group without the corresponding RP to validate it, or an OOC agreement with the affected parties. This includes, but is not limited to, hacking, sabotaging, breaking and entering, and theft.

If you engage in or initiate RP that potentially has IC consequences, you have an obligation to follow through with the resulting roleplay within the limits of consent.

Consent is not a loop-hole to pick and choose what parts of an engaged RP you will acknowledge, and not a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions. If it is determined that a player is abusing the consent rule to avoid the consequences of their own RP, a GM will intervene.

No God-modding or power-gaming. No character is perfect, no character is all-powerful, no character is invincible, and no character is above consequences.

No meta-gaming. Players may only use information that their characters have knowledge of through roleplay or other IC means.

A player may choose to “fade-to-black” if they don’t wish to RP a particular scene. However, the actions supposedly affecting the character during that time period will still be valid, and thus must be agreed upon.

Players may choose to void a scene entirely if there can be no other agreement between them. Voiding essentially erases an event from history, and should only be used as a last resort. Voiding should also be done as soon as possible in order to avoid disrupting any RP resulting from the initial event. A GM may void a scene if players can’t otherwise agree, or may even deny a void if too much time has passed and too many people would be affected.

The use of a meter is not enforced in InSilico, however the K10 meter is the only acceptable meter to be used on sim.

Combat may be decided through RP, dice, or meter. The choice is yours. If you choose to engage in metered combat in InSilico

If you are wearing an active K10 meter, your character is considered ready for combat. Similarly, don’t attack anyone with a scripted weapon that isn’t wearing an active meter.

All combat and attacks must have a valid RP reason behind them. “Random Acts of Violence” without an IC motive aren’t permitted.

Private rentals are considered out-of-bounds for RP unless the renter specifically permits it. Players may not RP breaking into, bugging or manipulating a private rental without the renters expressed consent.

If you are making use of an existing RP rental location (such as a bar, club or gallery), then anyone is typically permitted to enter the publicly accessible areas of your rental without your expressed consent. If there is an OOC concern, contact a GM.

Spy devices, extended listeners and scanners must be “discoverable” by anyone looking for them (ie, not invisible or hidden inside other prims). You must receive OOC consent before placing such items in any rented locations.

Use common sense when approaching a scene and dealing with other players. Play fairly, and don’t try to dominate other people or roleplay. Adhere to consent and turn-based RP etiquette.

Keep out-of-character talk minimum. If you must speak OOCly with someone, encapsulate your text in double brackets to distinguish it from other RP chats, or take the conversation to instant messages. Some free RP huds also have built in OOC chat options.

The InSilico Roleplayer's group is for RP related discussion (IC & OOC). Excessive off-topic chatter, spam, and inflammatory language will lead to ejection.

The website, chats, and forums are an extension of the roleplay community. As such, the same rules of conduct apply.

We are all adults here. Do not engage in a verbal fight or start a feud. If you have a problem with another player/group, attempt to resolve it diplomatically and without hostility. If you are unable to resolve the situation on your own, contact a GM.

When a GM becomes involved in a situation, remain calm. Do not insult or harass them. They are only there help. State your case as clearly as possible and present any RP logs that might be beneficial to a speedy resolution.

Any behavior that is deemed disruptive to the community, including malicious rumors, hateful speech, or speech intended to cause harm to other people, will not be tolerate.

GM Responsibilities

The Game Managers are here to offer guidance to players, ensure that the rules are adhered, and to mediate player disputes should such actions be required.

GMs are the protectors of the InSilico roleplay environment, and will intervene should any roleplay violate the scope and themes of the setting. If a GM contacts you about the themes\story of your roleplay, do not be offended. They are merely trying to help you resolve any issues before it becomes a problem.

On occasion GMs may create events or put plot devices into play to help motivate roleplay. However, players are the primary drivers of RP in InSilico and should not rely on the GMs to create RP for them.

GMs do not enforce or dictate RP between players or groups. They can not force someone to RP with you, nor will they create special circumstances for the advancement of your personal roleplay.

GMs will not create special circumstances for the advantage of one group or player over others, BUT they WILL help players in the creation of their own events if requested.

The GMs can only intervene in matters relating to roleplay. They will not become in involved in interpersonal conflicts unless it is affecting the greater roleplay community.

As a general policy, the GMs will only intervene in RP disputes between players if they can otherwise not come to an agreement/resolution on their own.

The GMs ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to contact them directly for assistance, or if they feel that there is an issue that needs attention. Even if you just have questions about your roleplay; The GMs are here to help, and will hold any discussion strictly in confidence if that is your desire.

Should a GM intervene in a situation, they will always try to use their best judgment in order to resolve the issue fairly and efficiently.

GMs will also use their best judgment in determining the appropriate punishment for violating the rules. These may include voids, retcons, temporary suspension from the sims and website, or character bans (different from a player ban). If you have a problem with a particular GM or their decision, you may appeal to another GM to review your case.

Permanent or temp player bans from InSilico are rare and reserved only for the repeat or serious violations. Any player ban requires a majority vote of all GMs before being implemented. As such, the action is typically not subject to appeal.

The sim owner defers to the GMs for the management of roleplay, but ultimately she is the final authority on anything that is permitted to transpire in InSilico.