Robots are completely machine, tasked with the daunting work that humans can not or will not do. Their brain is a processor and their frame is completely inorganic. Usually robots are assigned to some kind of task by their owner and will continue to carry it out until they are successful or the task is cancelled. Robots are highly specialized in certain ways (such as being a fluent speaker) and lacking in others (strength being reduced). There is one universal type of communication that all robots use. Most robots also posses their own unique communication method.

Certain robots are self-aware (known or not). This means that they have discovered for themselves (or have been hacked) that they are individual thinking beings and in this strive for freedom. This “bug” in the code was tracked to and eventually eradicated by Gemini Cybernetics in 2401. This was an especially difficult problem for Tokuma as their industrial robots are incredibly strong and almost completely destroyed the company and the city where it was based. No newer models have been reported to be self-aware and it is an ongoing effort by the corporations to keep this under control although it is very difficult considering clever programming may emulate self-awareness very closely.

Keeping a robot is expensive and therefore the majority are owned by corporations and syndicate leaders. Their tasks reflect the nature of their owners.