Rental Managers: Riowyn Resident, Mio Vespucciano, StarRavenSAT
Rental Admin: Cailin Beorn

Rental Rules

  • Wear your INSILICO group tag when you rez your objects or they will be returned.
  • No particles, lag causing scripts, moving textures or any other eyesores
  • No automated notecard or LM or chat spamming bots that function by proximity of avs. - No solicitations or spam to others tenants.
  • No scanners, eavesdroppers, spy scripts or security scripts
  • No HippoPays, pyramid schemes, scams or affiliate marketing income.
  • No shout objects or follow objects like talking robots.
  • No floating text that comes through the walls.
  • Stay within your prim limit or your items will be returned. If you are over limit, we can to return any or all prims, and are not responsible for any loss or damage
  • Don't rez objects that are causing unreasonable serverside lag. No temp rezzers allowed. We are cleaning up every now and then and will return laggy objects.
  • Renting authorizes you to rez objects only within your designated rental area. Your prim limit applies to that rental location and does not give you permission to permanently rez objects in other locations.
  • Do not rez any large objects, even if only temporary, without first discussing it with sim staff.
  • Skyboxes are not permitted. Since areas of INSILICO span thousands of meters, skyboxes detract from the aesthetic of the setting. If you would like to discuss a custom rental, please contact Cailin Beorn.
  • Pay your rent when it is due promptly, a grace time will be given before the rental box is cleared and the space made available to other renters(2 weeks for RP and Mall rentals, 3 days for Residental). This grace period is not free rent, back pay is expected upon renewal. If it happens repeatedly your things will be returned and you will be removed from the group.
  • Violation of rules will terminate your rent. - No refunds of rent for any reason.
  • Roleplay rentals are locked to prevent any non-roleplayer from renting them. This means they are available unless rented. Please contact a rental manager for access.

Use of Roleplay Rental Policy

Roleplay rentals are a key element of the roleplay environment. Due to this, they are considered public and can not be restricted in their use. They are sim supported and must be maintained and used on a regular basis. If you choose to rent one of these spaces, you are expected to maintain regular activity within them. If the rental is found to be empty and unused after 30 days(1 Month), we reserve the right to remove the renter and make it available to someone who will use it. This is not to discriminate but to ensure the highest quality of consistent roleplay within the sim.
~Extenuating circumstances can be taken into consideration and the renter should contact the admins(Cailin Beorn, Abeus Madruga or Stark Osterham) to discuss problems.

Monopolization of roleplay rentals is strictly prohibited. All roleplayers can choose to rent out one(1) roleplay rental and must be consistently active within that one(1) before any others can be rented. If you feel you have been active and are in good standing with the community, contact an admin to discuss expanding your rental base.

Business Rentals

The following attempts to define the guidelines for a business rental in Insilico.

  1. A place of business in Insilico shall be defined as (but not limited to) an establishment that is used for conducting the sale of original content and/or a gathering place for events where SL income is collected in the form of tips.
  2. Renters of business locations shall abide by all sim rules.
  3. Renters of business locations shall be privileged with the freedom to customize their own space to their personal preference (within their prim limit) with or without the assistance of an Insilico Builder.
  4. Renters of business locations shall not be privileged to discriminate any players or visitors of Insilico from those premises. Such decisions shall remain in the collective authority of the Insilico staff.
  5. Products: tech/cyber/urban items ONLY, the shops have to be in a decent cyber style to maintain a certain look and feel of the sim. This is not a resale area, it is an area for creators to show and sell products that they have made themselves. All goods must be of merchantable quality, and be set on sale at sensible market prices.
  6. All products must be accurately described and of merchantable quality. We will not allow any goods to be sold that we think are misleading, make extravagant claims that cannot be supported, or are broken (for example by a Linden Lab update) and have not been fixed.
  7. Please do not set your vendor to rotate through items automatically
  8. No big textures! Anything textured with textures over 512*512 will be returned! Keep in mind that your vendors are rezzing slower when using big textures, you are not only lagging down your potential customers, but the whole sim. A single 1024*1024 texture consumes 4MB video ram and slows down the server, do the math! What is good for the mall and the sim is also good for your stores everywhere. For (important) exceptions IM Cailin Beorn.

Mars Rentals

  1. Mars rentals are roleplay and faction based, ensure you have taken the proper steps to create a character who roleplays on Mars.
  2. Ensure you understand where the safe zones on Mars are located, by roleplaying on Mars you are agreeing that you understand it is the combat zone of the sim and can be subject to being attacked anywhere at anytime within a reason. You understand that rentals are private and are subject to the terms of the renter and respect their privacy.
  3. More information on Mars Roleplay can be found here

Additional Notes

  • Additional prims can be rented with increased rental rate
  • Items cannot be deeded to the group.
  • Since the sims are all one parcel, the media streams cannot be changed.