Once a week mission boards located around the sim will be updated with missions submitted by storytellers.

All storytellers are encouraged to submit their own missions, either faction related or open to the public. All storytellers who have a small story idea and would like some help tailoring it to fit the mission please just IM Stark Osterham for help developing it.

Any storyteller who creates a mission or helps with one will be compensated with prestige for their efforts so their own characters do not miss a chance to grow. Below is a blank mission you can submit to a mission board by adding a note or to-do and pasting your mission in local chat. Make sure you have your INSILICO group tag when interacting with a mission board.

Keep in mind that missions will go for about a week, and that the contact is the npc (storyteller), player character or mission creator that can be messaged for specifics.

name: [Mission name]

[description]: Elaborate on the specifics of the mission for the players involved. It can be in depth or short.

[contact]: what npc, faction or player to contact about the mission. Most missions should be automated however more in depth ones may require some rp assistance.

[location]: this can be very specific or vague depending on the nature of the mission.

[Rewards]: please pay any resources or prestige out of pocket or pool if you are setting it up for a larger arc contact a GM. All rewards concerning prestige revolved around one skill that the players roll for a chance to achieve additional prestige, if the players lack the required skill they only get default load out with no chance to receive critical or x2 rewards. Rewards can even be an item in your inventory or a blueprint to craft an item.


*notes and additional ooc info (below the mission please inform players if it requires meter combat, RPA meter, our roleplay system for combat or if its automated. Any additional information place here for players. Remember for now you need to use your INSILICO tag to place a mission on the board.

Following is a list of locations, factions and mission ideas you may want to think about.


(Story Elements)

Creating Weaponized Nanites
Testing Biological Weapons
Assassinating Associates in the know
Abducting Civilians for genetic testing
Infiltrating Mega corporations
Replacing key political figures with cloned ones
blackmailing corporate officials
Framing security risks
eliminating secluded colonies

Here is a list of temporary locations that can be built on the fly or for small events, generally 1k prims need to be allocated and available in any of the 4 sims for temporary mission or event builds. Existing locations require less prim usage.

(Temp Locations)
Moon Base (small mars esque outpost)
Colony (housing in city, mars or moon)
Space Station (module station layout)
corporate building (floor by floor location)
Space Ship (small module space ship)
Mars Desert (previous location on mars)
Asteroid Field (In Space)
Asteroid Base (Large Module base)
Mines (Mars, Earth, moon or asteroid)
Slums (city or colony)
Caves (earth, moon, mars, asteroid)
Mountainous Terrain (earth, mars, moon)

(Existing Locations)
Mars Ruins
Earth Ruins
Insilico Slums
Lyra Station
Mars Desert
Mars Outpost
Main Insilico City
Kill Town


Ares Initiative
Solar Industrial Technologies

search and rescue
hostage rescue
asteroid mining
protect an asset
raid a location
gather evidence
Destroy Relay
Armed Convoy
destroy enemy satellite
defend location
infiltrate a location

Faction Relations
Trade and treaties