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In a city as seedy as Insilico, there is always a need for dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Due to the mercenaries' shifting loyalty, they have the unique position of being both hunted and hired by Insilico's corporations. Because of this, a mercenary hired by a corporation is usually paid by having his record expunged.

Corporations generally hire mercs for corporate espionage or other operations they'd like to distance themselves from. Individuals hire mercs as muscle be it to settle a score, act as body guards, or remove competition.

Bounty hunting is also a poular lure for mercs.


Clones are basically copies of human beings that are built using human DNA or modified human DNA. The cloning process is popular in medicine for growing duplicate body parts for repair or augmentation, and has been used to produce entire human copies in the past. This practice of producing entire human copies was mostly abandoned when the issue of clone workers developing their own personalities was thought to be solved by using workers with robotic artificial intelligence. Today, cloning is very common, mostly used for cosmetic enhancement, and to repair battle damage to human flesh.


Mutants represent a small section of the current population of the Earth, but their presence is no less important. The heavy radiation that persisted through the years killed a great amount of the planet's fauna, including many humans. Mutations also took their toll on humanity, and many children died early from cancers and radiation sicknesses, but not all. These few that survived were no longer quite human. Though they biologically differed in less than 0.02% of the genome, it was enough to set them apart.

Mutants, or 'Homo Sapiens Extraneus", are relative in appearance to average humans but with significant changes. They tend to stand at the same height as normal humans but generally have a much thinner, sometimes gaunt, appearance. They have pale skin, almost no body hair, and have a very wide variety of eye pigmentations, including colors not normally associated with humans such as dark reds and bright yellows. The most significant change though is in the metabolism of mutants. The metabolic rate of mutants is significantly higher than that of humans. They have body temperatures that average 50 degrees Celsius and are capable of performing great feats of athleticism, including incredible jumping capability. However, their body's ability to repair itself has been compromised significantly in relation to that of humans'. Exceptionally high blood pressures and compromised blood clotting ability result in borderline hemophilia in all mutants.


The Corporations, in addition to countless other scientific advances, have been able to develop a great many number of biological enhancements to augment humanity. These biological modifications (or "biomods") have allowed the abilities of humans lucky enough to afford them (or unlucky enough to require them) to increase far beyond their natural limits. Artificial extremities, ocular implants/ replacements, acoustic sensors, and chemical detectors are just some of the technologies that can be added to human bodies for the right price. Many biomods are powered by nutrients in the implantee's bloodstream and as such require no outside sources of power, though they do tend to result in a greater appetite in the implantee.

These modifications do come at significant cost, though. Maintenance is an absolute must and all biomods must be regularly cleaned and calibrated lest they cease to function effectively or at all. Biomods also respond negatively to significant magnetic fields and electric discharges, and can be destroyed entirely by significant exposure to either phenomena.