Insilico factions vary from planet to planet and have an effect on a players statistics and traits. While a player may begin in one of the factions (with permissions) it is encouraged for the player to seek out employment through roleplay. Your direct standings will have an effect on your ability to be hired by each faction and some may be easier to get into than others. As always try your best to roleplay it out with the appropriate contacts in character and learn the best faction for your character. Once you have been enlisted the statistics, traits and skills may be applied to your character.


VASC- Formed in 2461 VASC was originally known as Vander corp, named after Van der Waals force in relation to the force between molecules. It stands as a testimony to the companies modest beginnings as a technology company. After a successful raid from the D'naa 80% of all Vander Corp outposts, they began creating weapons for the Martian companies struggling for control. The constant state of war the planet is in was the perfect opportunity to field test new weapons and technologies. With the funding from multi-billion credit operations Vander Corp was able to evolve and rejuvenate their losses. They merged with the special security division of MSD and soon found themselves as a leading company in weapons and Aerospace. Renaming themselves to Vander Air & Space Company they spent the next 20 years growing in terms of training and weapon developments.
Skills: Ranged Weapons 10%, survival 10%
Traits: Begins with standard issue assault rifle (access to military grade gear)
Statistics: +25% VASC rep, -25% D'naa Rep
*Mars Roleplay Area only*


D'naa- To be D'naa is to be born free. Free from the social disorder of earth, free to pursue your destiny and embrace our mother the red planet. To be D’naa is to embrace the unknown and to venture out and claim what is yours. You are one of us, a marauder and kindred to the native born. Answer your call and take your place by our side under the wing of our red mother, may she guide and protect her children for all time. To the average Martian citizen, the D'naa seem tribal and anarchistic in nature, they are often called terrorists or natives, which invokes a deep sense of primitive thought process. However there is a deep level of culture, etiquette and spirituality to these original inhabitants of Mars. The progressive evolution of their culture and beliefs remain a mystery to the outside world.
Skills: Martial Arts 10%, survival 25%
Traits: Begins with Tomahawk (access to exotic gear)
Statistics: +25% D'naa Rep, -25% VASC rep, +20% Nomad Rep
*Mars Roleplay Area only*


Insilico Public Security - While corporations supply their own security branches many of the smaller corporations look to public security firms that offer their services for a price.
Skills: Investigation 25%, Interrogation 10%
Traits: Begins with standard issue pistol (access to street gear)
Statistics: +25% IPS, +20% Gemini, -25% Syndicate, -20% underground

AEON Holdings

AEON Holdings - LLP- A Holding company founded by a partnership of retired Gemini Executives; AEON is best known for their tactic of acquiring majority stakes in once-faltering companies spun off from the mega-corporations and incorporating their assets into new interests. Most recently, AEON merged several of these acquired subsidiaries into a single new entity known as ExoSolar Technologies, with the stated purpose of opening up the outer solar system to increased development.
Skills: Etiquette (corporate) 25%, Negotiation 10%
Traits: Begins with +1500c
Statistics: +20% IPS, +20% Gemini, +20% AGIS


Advanced Genetics Institute of Science. Offers both an academy and an institution for genetics work. Using state of the art biotechnology to produced genetically modified clones that are capable of surviving in tailored conditions. AGIS is producing the future of engineered life forms to help change the solar system for all mankind.
Skills: Genetics 25%, Biotechnology +25%
Traits: Begins with Gold clone contract (access to exotic gear)
Statistics: +20% IPS, +20% Gemini, +20% VASC


Nomads- the nomadic lifestyle may have been introduced by the D'naa but has since been adapted by every free roaming trader who braves the harsh environment of Mars. these wanderers have established trade routes and deal mostly in salvage and scrap, the underlying currency of Martian Society. they fall in the grey area of Mars, able to trade and interact with D'naa and corps equally. they are fiercely protective of their neutrality, believing that walking between is the key to survival on the unforgiving Red Planet.
Skills: Survival 20%, Negotiation 10%
Traits: Begins with +1500c, +25 salvage (access to black market gear)
Statistics: +20% MMG rep, +20% D'naa rep
*Mars Roleplay Area only*


Lead by Gemini Cybernetics, the Corporations collectively own Insilico and, by extension, everyone in it. It is often said that Corporate executives don't care about anything that goes on below the 100th floor, and that is more or less true. Unless it negatively impacts their bottom line, the corporate elite do not concern themselves with the day to day lives of Insilico's residents. While corporate security exists, their mission is to protect the corporations they serve, not the populace who are left to fend for themselves. Like gods on Olympus, the executives of Insilico's corporations sit aloof in their offices concerned only with big picture matters. To them, Insilico is just a giant back alley and it's residents little more than rats scurrying among the garbage
(Gemini is now an NPC faction that is run soley by the GM's. while it is still THE Corp of the corporate world, players can only work for Gemini through subsidiary factions like IPS or partner corps like AGIS and AEON)


Every city has a subculture and Insilico is no exception. we are street punks and college dropouts, we are ex-cons and ex-corporate. we are hookers and junkies, hackers and anarchists, androids, cyborgs, humans. we are many, we are varied, and we are the underbelly of the City. These rogue elements of Insilico's population sometimes form sub-factions and rely on the stronger familial/political bonds within them for assistance.
Skills: Etiquette (crime) 25%, Disguise 10%
Traits: Begins with fake ID standard (access to black market gear)
Statistics: +20% syndicate, -10% IPS

Triton Counter Terrorism Unit

Triton was formed as a means to protect corporate interests across the solar system. While JSD, SOG or other mega corporations have their own security branches capable of dealing with their own corporate assets a joint funded effort was created not only for security purposes but to allow a sanctioned organization to investigate and respond to threats abroad. The main purpose of the division is to navigate around the red tape and jurisdictional limitations instilled by mega corporations in an effort to more efficiently respond directly with terrorist organizations throughout the system.
Skills: Investigation 25%, Small Arms 10%
Traits: Begins with Submachine Gun (access to military grade gear)
Statistics: +20% VASC, +20% AGIS

The Ares Initiative

The Ares Initiative - It was founded by a society of like minded individuals who believe in the ultimate goal of eugenics for the human race. While the process of genetic cleansing remains a controversial topic throughout our modern century the Ares Initiative has taken it to dangerous and radical levels. The initiative is splintered into cells each independent of the main body and tasked with very specific objectives including but not limited to: Infiltration, assassination, biological weapon development, public weapon testing, political scandals , war profiteering, industrial espionage and cyber crimes. While very little information on the organisations that comprise Ares actually exist it is apparent that their ultimate goal of solar domination and genetic cleansing remains a real threat. Instead of claiming responsibility for acts of terrorism they tend to shift the blame to whatever patsy-organization or straw men suit their purpose. Preferring to operate behind the scenes the initiative remains anonymous and capable of pursuing its agenda to the most extreme levels of operation. The Initiative through the means of exploitation, blackmail or brainwashing finds agents willing to lay down their lives in service of their cause.
Skills: Sneak +25%, Disguise +25%
Traits: Begins with Hack Warfare Systems, +1500c
Statistics: Gemini +25%


While the corporate big shots may be distant, the Syndicates are all too close. What small businesses the Syndicates don't own outright, they extort money from in return for "protection". But they make their real money from more lucrative ventures such as black market cybernetic and organ sales, gun running, smuggling, prostitution, etc. And it is through these trades that the Syndicates exert their authority over Insilico's residents. For their part, the people of Insilico prefer dealing with the Syndicates because they are "the devil they know". If you want to get something done in Insilico without the Corporations knowing, you deal with the Syndicates.
Skills: Lock Picking 10%, Pick Pocket 25%, Etiquette (crime) 25%
Traits: Begins with Security Bypass standard, Melee Knife (access to black market gear)
Statistics: +25% Syndicate, +20% underground, -25% IPS