In the second half of the 21st century, after massive hunger catastrophes in the more drought-stricken parts of the world, humankind started development of synthetic foods based on soy and algae. Through the following century it came apparent that the growing need for food couldn’t be covered with soy. The ongoing destruction and loss of fertile land soon made the research of alternatives to the traditional protein sources a major goal for the researchers of the food industry.

Massive efforts where taken and led to the current state where almost all available food is based on proteins, which are produced by genetic engineered algae and yeast. At the present day, humankind is able to cover full demand on food with large farms floating in the skies. These farms are run by a few corporations which control the whole distribution of food.

Smaller corporations have shared the marked for the processing of the raw proteins. They enrich them with vital supplements, artificial flavors, dyestuffs and bring it to a form humankind associates food with.