Combat in Insilico


Tensions are high in Insilico and violence is a part of everyday life. While it is preferred that grudges be settled in the ring at the K9 Club, it doesn't take much to provoke a fist fight or an all out gun battle. The Insilico authorities don't concern themselves with the violence so long as it doesn't affect business leaving the citizens to police themselves.

Those coming to Insilico from places like Toxia or Midian may be shocked at how quickly a heated argument can escalate into a firefight.


There must be a legitimate reason for combat in Insilico. On the other hand, in a city where tensions are high and the populace is armed, valid reasons are not hard to come by. They include but are not limited to the following:

—Arguments. Arguments often leaf to fighting which may turn into gunfire.

—Being collateral damage. If you are somewhere when a firefight breaks out and you are injured you have a legitimate grievance against the party that caused the injury. For example, if you're enjoying a bowl of noodles at the Buddha Bowl and take a bullet meant for someone else or catch shrapnel from a frag grenade, you have a legitimate grievance.

—Being part of a rival faction. For example, if you're in a Triad that is at war with another Triad and you see a member of the rival gang, you are permitted to attack that person without warning.

—Under contract. Assassins can be hired to perform a hit, but the person hiring the assassin must have a legitimate grievance with the target and the assassin must have a contract created by the person hiring that can be passed to a GM for verification.

Conventional weapons such as guns, knives, and low yield grenades are allowed. Lightsabers and and "force" powers are not. DCS enabled hand to hand attachments are legal but should be vetted by a GM if you want to use it outside the K9 club to ensure the damage it causes is reasonable.

Guns must be set to RP mode. If your gun doesn't have an RP mode, don't use it in Insilico.

Obligation to "RP" Combat/Warning
There is no obligation to engage in an elaborate pre-combat RP. If someone insults you or does anything else that would realistically prompt a confrontation that is all the "warning" one is required to give.

Once two parties have an established grievance, no further warning is needed between them thereafter. From that point on, they walk around Insilico knowing the other party is gunning for them.

There is an exception for IPS, however, who should attempt arrest before engaging in a firefight. IPS may announce themselves either verbally or non-verbally with things like teargas.

Out of Bounds
The following areas are out of bounds for combat.
1. The mall
2. Club Atonement
3. The Blue Ant
4. reakt0r
5. All apartment buildings

Any questions, please contact a GM.