In Insilico, the distinction between human and cyborg are blurred to the point where it is difficult to determine where the term "human" ends and "cyborg" begins. Unless specified by the parents, every child undergoes nanosurgery in the womb for the implantation of a standard issue neural interface. This interface cradles the entire brain in a webbing of nano-optronic wiring, enabling communication with machines at near the speed of light. All capabilities, including hacking, data storage, and total body prosthetic capabilities are implanted, though not connected.

Neural interfaces are enabled module by module upon need and security clearance. The Gemini corporation keeps strict control over standards and who has their interface modules enabled. There are however black market hackers and nanosurgens who are capable of hacking the interfaces, which can enable some or even all of their capabilities. Such modifications are used for data storage, hacking, interfacing with exoskeletons, sensory augments, or cybernetic implants. Such modification are a double edged sword, however. The more modules are enabled, the more vulnerable an individual is to 'soul-hacking', or the hacking of the neural interface with the intent of accessing the brain itself. Such soul-hacking can be with the intent of reading and downloading long-term memory, programming an individual to perform certain tasks like a machine, or even the destruction of one's mind.

All cybernetic devices implanted within the body rely on single-chip electrolysis/nanofusion reaction modules, effectively powering them from the water within the body. External devices, such as limbs require larger reactors, however the reactor output is strictly controlled through safety regulations. The Underground has devised ways to get around these safeguards, by either hacking the reactors or by developing lighter materials with which to build their prosthesis. Though Gemini works hard to control the output of the reactors, the use of illegally hacked units is rampant. Their only consolation is the knowledge that the output of such reactors is in direct proportion to their fuel consumption. Gemini therefore strictly controls the supply of hydrogen bottles and tracks their sale by HSN, or Human Serial Numbers, their version of Social Security Numbers.