With the ongoing development in the robotics it was possible to create more and more human acting and looking robots. At the edge of the last century it was able to leave the uncanny valley and build almost perfect humanoid rooters, the androids.

Today androids are very common in all social classes. They do a variety of jobs, from the simple bartender to the high end soldier in the corporation armies. It is possible for the creator of the android to control the emotions an android can feel and the knowledge in different fields. This allows to highly specialize androids in the fields it is desired to be used.

Unfortunately the major problem with the artificial intelligence of the androids couldn’t be fully resolved, due to its high level of artificial intelligence, it is possible that an android becomes self-aware. In this state androids tend to become self-determined beings. Hunted by their former owners, many of them have become stranded in the city of INSILICO and have begun a new life there.


Drones as they have been colloquially dubbed are, simply put, sex toys developed by the underground. They are robots designed to simulate submissive partners, male or female, for whoever can afford their exorbitant price tag. Their appearance and mannerisms, for all intents and purposes, is nearly identical to that of any human. The Creators ensured that the materials used in their construction cannot be detected by "conventional" means. Drones eat, sleep, and breath identically to any human (or mutant for that matter).


Robots are completely machine, tasked with the daunting work that humans can not or will not do. Their brain is a logic processor and their frame is completely inorganic. Usually robots are assigned to some kind of task by their owner and will continue to carry it out until they are successful or the task is cancelled. Robots are highly specialized in certain ways and lacking in others, and typically there is some trade off of capabilities. There is one universal type of communication that all robots use. Most robots also posses their own unique communication method.

Keeping a robot is expensive and therefore the majority are owned by corporations and syndicate leaders. Their tasks tend to reflect the nature of their owners.